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Swimming with Dolphins

They All Laughed When I Said It’s Easy to Snorkel with the Right Snorkeling Professional and When They Did — It Was — Pleasure Beyond Measure

You love the ocean, the world beneath the sea. You long to visit and experience the two-thirds of the planet that you’ve been missing. One of those places under water that you’ve been missing is Palm Beach Florida and the Blue Heron Bridge. The Lake Worth Inlet is the most proliferate underwater habitat in North […]


PADI Underwater Navigation Course Florida

How To Navigate Underwater To A Never Before Published Scuba Diving Site Which Happens To Be The Oldest And Most Proliferate Scuba Diving Venue On Hollywood Beach Florida. Imagine, you are sitting on Hollywood Beach, sunbathing in the warm Florida rays on a calm and clear day. From time, to time you will see a […]

Snorkel and Scuba Dive with Laura